1. Enclosures 2011-2016
    Omit (NZ)

  2. Real Folk: Lathe Cut Singles 1993-1997
    Witcyst (NZ)

  3. Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995-2015: 20 Years of Experimental Music from Indonesia
    Various (IDN)

  4. There Is No Music From China
    Various (CHN)

  5. The Harrowing of the North: New Music from Yorkshire
    Various (UK)

  6. NoFi Rainbow Vol. 1
    Various (NZ)

  7. NoFi Rainbow Vol.2
    Various (NZ)

  8. (the eyes don't have earlids)
    Campbell and Meek (UK/NZ)

  9. Lullaby for Lubieniecki
    Youngs and Meek (SCT/NZ)

  10. The Empty Brain
    Marhaug and Meek (NOR/NZ)

  11. Free For A Fee
    Jaded Nineties Raver (NZ)

  12. Negative Pulse Logic
    Omit (NZ)

  13. The World of Shells
    Typhonian Highlife (US)

  14. Ceasure Feast / Negative Carpet
    Sign of the Hag / Ashtray Navigations (NZ/UK)

  15. The Land Behind The Door / Thumb On The Vine
    Donald McPherson / Mothlite (NZ/UK)

  16. Slavery / In Sulfur House
    Alastair Galbraith / Mike and Cara Gangloff (NZ/US)

  17. Unrest / Lowonida
    i.ryoko / Alexander Tucker (NZ/UK)

  18. Trailers and Boats
    TAB (NZ)

  19. brainsoutclock
    yeongrak (NZ)

  20. Hess (Vits-444) / Sludd/Slapps/Substantiv
    Witcyst / Marhaug (NZ/NOR)

  21. Mole Rat Ascending / Dual Alice
    Noel Meek / Wolf Eyes (NZ/USA)

  22. Living in the Time of the Golden Circle
    Noel Meek (NZ)

  23. Mara Staggers / Woke Up With My Bad Eye Blackened
    Noel Meek / Neil Campbell (NZ/UK)

  24. Auricular / Spot the Flicker Feral Creature
    Bruce Russell / Peter Kolovos (NZ/US)

  25. Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed / Lost Milky Way
    Kraus / Kawabata Makoto (NZ/JPN)

  26. Photon Smasher / Warp Drive 0459
    Mischancerie / KK Null (NZ/JPN)

  27. In the Dust of this Planet
    MIR (NZ)

  28. microfeedback lausanne
    Yan Jun (CHN)

  29. Live at the Pyramid Club
    FANZ (NZ)

  30. Lovers and Dragons
    Arrington de Dionyso (US)

  31. Drip
    West Head Project - Jim Denley, Anthony Magen, Dale Gorfinkel, Matt Earle (AUS)

  32. There Are Other Possibilities
    Antony Milton (NZ)


End of the Alphabet Records Christchurch, New Zealand

"This incredible New Zealand label should be on absolutely everybody's radar." The Quietus.

"A match for any so-called proper record labels." The Wire.

"Pissing on the rule book is a common feature of many releases from End of the Alphabet Records." Six Noises.

Handmade musical weirdness from New Zealand and other places.
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